There are myths, that fleas are common visitors only in dirty homes, but that is pretty far from the truth as fleas can be even in clean homes, so controlling them is a general, required activity for all pet owners. Therefore the prevention begins in our homes and at heavily infected surroundings can infect our pet again and again and even our product will not be able to free up your loved pet from the bloodsuckers.

Its important to break the lifecycle of fleas, ticks to stop the problem and the first stage begins in our homes.

In general there is no way, that your pet can avoid to meet with fleas and ticks which will jump onto it, but you can prevent to develop this occasional meeting into a further infestation with the use of preventive products and treating the environment preventively.

If there is a flea or tick on our pet, we have the opportunity to fight back before they start to feed on the blood of our pet or even mate. This is why its important to handle it preventively.

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