About Us

 Our founders, György Lakatos-Tajti and Zsolt Péter Suló both
have 25+ years of experience in the pet distribution business.

In 2011 György and Zsolt joined forces and founded our company
on a passion for providing affordable organic alternative solutions
for animal health.

By 2013/14 our flagship natural tick and flea product line, Dr. Pet
was authorized to be placed on the market. It includes collars,
topical spot-on solutions, spray and shampoo for dogs and cats.

In 2015, Dr. Pet® was registered as a trademark.

Since 2016 we have registered several proprietary product designs.


At AniMall, we have been engaged in continuous product development
in order to reach more conscious pet owners and pet friends.

Since its establishment, AniMall has led the way as an innovator in

the pet care industry by bringing new products, new solutions and

a whole new business approach element to the market.

We do care about the environment. Contrary to most manufacturers,

we try to protect honeybees, birds, and fish with plant-based

ingredients while keeping a focus on the well being of our pets.

Today, in 2018, our high level of innovation and practical

evidence-based science continue to form the foundation of our

product development process.

Research and Development team members work closely with

our Scientific and Academic Advisors to help ensure these

efforts lead the careful creation of unique products and formulas.


Private Label

 We offer private label (store brand) service
to meet inquiries of qualified retailers and wholesalers.
Our partners can choose from a range of active ingredients:

- low minimum order requirements
- design support
- superb customer service
- quality guarantee
- competitive pricing
- long term product availability

If you have any questions about our private label services,
please call our account representative at +36 (30) 397 9739 to learn more.


Corporate Social Responsibility

  • We are aware of the impact industry and transport have on the environment and society. Our partners are
    regularly auditing us on the gradual development of environmentally friendly and fair employment business practices.

  • We try to keep our environmental footprint as low as possible, while still providing efficient solutions.

  • We use minimum risk ingredients that are considered safe for humans, pets and the environment in the
    EU, US and OECD countries.

  • Our operation, manufacturing, and products are regularly controlled and tested by the authorities.

  • We resource recyclable packaging.

  • We adhere to the manufacturing, labeling and advertising regulation and guidelines of biocides.

  • We believe that retailers and wholesalers have a duty to learn basic product information and are obligated
    to pass them on to their customers. Know the ingredients that you are making available to the market and
    be aware of the direct and indirect effect they might have on nature. Your customers are pet owners
    and pet friends, who deserve this as they do care about their family, their companions and Nature.

Our products are free of DEET, other toxins and dangerous chemicals.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.